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Look here for all the beauty talks with Beauty In Color. These beauty talks include conversations from my #winedownwednesday series, a series of unfiltered conversations with beauty brand founders, experts, and content creators about beauty trends, self-care journeys, skincare and wellness tips, and the products we love.

An Interview with Ashley White

An Interview with Ashley White

For my first post in the Beauty Secrets series, I talked to skincare expert and beauty influencer, Ashley White.

Ashley, known as @skinclasshero on social media, is a Chicago-based esthetician. I met Ashley on Instagram in 2018 and have had the pleasure of hanging out with her a few times in New York this summer. I personally love how much she educates us on skincare and beauty…all while cracking us up! If you follow her on social media or have been lucky enough to have a conversation with her, then Ashley’s funny memes and straightforward answers won’t surprise you.

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